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Tesha C. Avatar

Dr. Yat Tang made my transition from my previous Orthodontic smooth sailing. He was very responsive when I needed to schedule an appointment, informative on my treatment process, patient, and kind. He helped improve me teeth during the final stages of the treatment process and I am grateful for his consistency, professionalism and insight on how to maintain my beautiful smile. Thank you, and best wishes!

Tesha C.
karen s. Avatar

My daughter and I just moved to this area. My daughter lost her retainers and I didn’t want to go back to Portland, Or. To her orthodontist. Dr Tang was my second phone call. He is so pleasant and so kind. Kind of weird that I am talking to the orthodontist himself. He said he can help and to come in on a Saturday, a Saturday, so wonderful. She didn’t have to miss school. The entire staff is so great here. If you need an orthodontist I would recommend this office 💯 %

karen s.
Kyle M. Avatar

They have been my dentist for 8 years. Great staff and clean office. I would recommend to anyone in Redding.

Kyle M.
Narissa C. Avatar

positive review  Dr. Yim and his entire staff are wonderful. Dr. Yim is very professional and caring towards every one of his patients. His attention to detail and willingness to work with you on all concerns is his priority. I was a more severe case and he has transformed not only smile but also my confidence. I highly recommend Shasta Smiles for orthodontic care.

Narissa C.
Olivia V. Avatar

Dr. Yim was so easy to work with. My teeth were very crooked, but now they are perfectly straight!

Olivia V.
Liv V. Avatar

Dr. Yim was so easy to work with. My teeth were very crooked, but now they are perfectly straight!

Liv V.
Matthew M. Avatar

Dr. Yim is such a pleasure to work with and does excellent work. I had a front tooth so far out of line that it didn't even qualify for Invisalign, and it had been that way for over 40 years. My teeth are now perfectly straight, thanks to Dr. Yim. He is the most personable and friendly doctor I've ever worked with, and his staff is great too. You're made to feel like family there. I give Dr. Yim my highest recommendation if you're looking for a great orthodontist in Redding, CA.

Matthew M.
Matthew M. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Yim is a personable and excellent orthodontist with many years of experience. He corrected front teeth of mine that had been out of alignment for over 40 years - so far out of line that they did not eve qualify for Invisalign. My teeth are now perfectly straight, thanks to Dr. Yim. He and his staff made the process as smooth and easy as possible. Dr. Yim is the most friendly doctor I've ever worked with and takes a sincere interest in you as a person. You're made to feel like family at their office. The results of his work are nothing short of mind-blowing. If you're looking for a great orthodontist in Redding, CA, I give Dr. Yim my highest recommendation.

Matthew M.
Russell H. Avatar

Great orthodontist. Has been in town for a while.

Russell H.
Coraline J. Avatar

5 star rating I just got my braces off and Dr. Yim did an excellent job! I came to Dr. Yim when I needed braces for a second time, after not wearing my retainer when I was younger. Dr. Yim is very thorough and remarkably talented. The end result far exceeded my expectations. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my smile. The team also went out of their way to squeeze me in to get my braces off before a big event, when I had accidentally missed my original appointment. I'm so thankful I went here!

Coraline J.
Frank S. Avatar

5 star rating Excellent orthodontist and very personable. Most satisfied with Dr. Yim's work. Highly successful after 18 months. Frank S.

Frank S.
Bryan V. Avatar

What Dr. Yim did for my smile was nothing short of a transformation. Before my treatment I had an awful set of teeth that earned me the nickname of shark tooth from my own parents. Luckily after the treatment all evidence of that past smile was no where to be seen! Nowadays I constantly get comments on the brilliance of smile, and to myself it's nothing short of perfect! I am very happy with my treatment and expect other customers to be happy as well. If you're on the lookout for braces look no further than Dr. Yim for a complete transformation!

Bryan V.
Bryan V. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Yim is in my experience a remarkably talented orthodontist that certainly knows how to get the job done perfectly. From day one to now my experience has been a wonderful one and I would recommend him to anyone seeking orthodontic care. He made my "snaggle-toothed" crooked smile into one that causes compliments to happen more than I expected. Look no further than to Dr. Yim if you're looking for an enjoyable experience in orthodontic care!

Bryan V.
Pat C. Avatar

I don't often write reviews, so it takes a high bar of excellence for me to write a review. If I could give Dr. Yim more than 5 stars, I would because of the above and beyond customer service that he has provided. Simply put, this is about the most satisfied I've ever been with a service. Not only did Dr. Yim do a wonderful job with my invisalign therapy, but I have continued to see him over the past decade when my permanent retainer has occasionally come lose due to wear and tear and at times overzealous cleaning on my part.

As an adult and getting braces for the SECOND time, I was initially apprehensive about the whole situation. I received poor orthodontic treatment when I was a child. My periodontist referred me to Dr. Yim, because orthodontic treatment could prevent tooth loss and gum disease as I age, and because my lower teeth were seriously out of alignment. I also wanted to look a little better. Dr. Yim offered me invisalign as an option to braces, which was wonderful since I was able to hide the fact that I was wearing braces from my friends, colleagues, and students. I loved his willingness to work with me. I was able to move at a slower pace through my treatment, which worked better for my busy schedule, and allowed my middle aged teeth more time to adapt to each new change.

I have been consistently satisfied with the level of attention and quality of service that Dr. Yim has provided throughout my invisalign treatment and in the subsequent years. I have found him to be friendly, honest, knowledgeable, and informative. He has always taken the time to answer any of my questions. His office is friendly, modern, and clean.

I recommend him completely. Dr. Yim is truly the best. What a difference his work has done for my teeth and my appearance.

Pat C.
Zach J. Avatar

Zach J.
Tony C. Avatar

Dr. Yim is a great guy, and a great orthodontist. All my visits with him have been great, and he is very relaxed and friendly. He'll work with your budget to put together a payment plan and he is also a Blue Shield network provider, so if that is your insurance, you'll get a discount on your braces. He is the only orthodontist in Redding that is a Blue Shield Network provider. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Tony C.
Amber S. Avatar

Amber S.
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Jackie F.
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Lucy R.
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Nina B.