Not All Smiles Are Created Equally
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April 22, 2015
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September 7, 2020
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Not All Smiles Are Created Equally

A common misconception about orthodontics and braces is that everyone expects all orthodontists to give the same type of treatment. Like shopping for a car, many prospective patients feel that the product is the same no matter where they buy it from so they should hunt for the best deal. Unfortunately, the reality is that orthodontists use different techniques, different quality hardware and have different levels of training and experience. At Shasta Smiles, we take great pride in being fully up-to-date on the latest technology and training and providing the highest quality and most experienced orthodontics care in Redding.


A recent article in a leading orthodontics publication highlighted issues poorly positioned teeth leading to less attractive smiles. Up to  60% of patients in the article’s assessment presented insufficient display with their smile. This is to say their teeth had been positioned too high or too low the gingival margin, which has a high impact on the quality of smile. Being the most experienced orthodontics office in town and using the highest quality hardware, Shasta Smiles has fixed many poorly positioned smiles.





The technology of the braces actually plays an important part in this positioning. Poor quality, or less-advanced orthodontics hardware does not have the level of fine tuning capability to adjust. At Shasta Smiles we pay very special attention to positioning the gingival margin correctly. The Orthoclassic H4  brackets that we use are the most advanced in the industry and allow us to precisely tune the positioning of each tooth.




It may be hard to break the idea that orthodontics treatment is all the same, but it would pay to research your orthodontist’s approach and hardware offerings if you are concerned about the quality of the smile you will receive from your treatment. Do not hesitate to Contact Shasta Smiles today to learn more about our treatment options and our flexible financing options that can meet any budget.