Treatment Costs: What to Expect on Your First Orthodontist Visit
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April 22, 2015
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Treatment Costs: What to Expect on Your First Orthodontist Visit

treatments-topThe first visit to an orthodontist’s office can be a bit unnerving. We all know that braces are expensive and “how much will this cost?” is usually the first question a patient has. I understand that financial concerns are an important factor in choosing orthodontic treatment and feel it is important to work with patients and their families to find the best treatment and payment option.

While treatment prices can vary widely from region to region, they generally stay about the same between each orthodontist in a given city. The difference is in how costs are structured and applied over the course of treatment. Some orthodontists offer low monthly payment plans with no down payment, but often require the braces to stay on longer. Some offer a very low up-front fee, but then charge for additional necessary services which increase the bill later. Knowing your pricing options and having a clear fee schedule is an important first step in receiving orthodontic treatment.

A lot of patients are attracted to the no-money down and low monthly payment plans that some orthodontist offices offer. While this generally makes orthodontic treatment less of an immediate financial burden, it is important to be aware that this can be the most expensive payment option over the long run.  An orthodontist offering this service may want to leave your braces on as long as possible in order in ensure that they receive more monthly payments. Generally braces should come off within 24 months. Some severe cases will need a maximum of 30 months. It is never recommended to have braces on for longer than 30 months, which can be potentially dangerous to patient health. Patients who are told their braces will remain on for longer than 24 months are well advised to seek a 2nd opinion to be sure that it is necessary for the braces to remain on for that amount of time.

Another payment option that tends to be offered is a very low up-front cost that is seemingly much lower than an all-inclusive package. This cost might be $1000 – $1500 less than the next guy, but as with all things, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Necessary services like x-rays, retainers and medical records may be added on after the treatment begins. In the end you will likely end up paying about the same, or even more than the seemingly more expensive all-inclusive package.

I do offer monthly payment plans that are variable based on initial down payment. I also offer full upfront payments. Upfront payments in full receive a 5% discount. I will adjust monthly payments based on a given down payment or insurance coverage. I also gladly accept and encourage patients to use any major credit card. Pay for your treatment with your credit card, and earn those frequent flyer miles and rewards points!

I am the only Blue Shield Network Provider for orthodontics in Redding. This means I guarantee a low cost and all-inclusive price to patients carrying Blue Shield insurance.  I am now also offering a layaway type program where a patient or provider can make payments before beginning treatment and once the down payment is met, we can begin treatment with a low monthly payment plan.

In my nearly 30 years of service of providing orthodontic treatments in Redding,  I have found it is best to work with patients to find a treatment that is best for them and a payment option that they are comfortable with. I believe in providing transparent pricing and provide my patients with a clear fee schedule prior to starting treatment. My patient’s well-being is always the most important factor and comes first before anything else. Click here to schedule a free consultation today!

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